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About Aakash Agri

Aakash Agri Solutions Pvt Ltd. Is a Global Agriculture Innovation & Research center established in 2015 which has dedicated itself in imparting skilled training among other things to the farming community under the Agriculture and Allied sector. We would like place record that promoters of Aakash Agri Solutions Pvt Ltd are in the field of Agriculture since 1980s catering to the needs of the farming community in input supplies, credit, warehousing services and knowledge sharing. In the skilling space, the journey of imparting skills sets to the farming community started way back in 1992 that comprised knowledge dissemination on entire crop cycle including pre sowing, pest and disease control measures, irrigation & fertilization management, harvesting and post harvesting solutions. We strongly believe that by building an institutional frame work for a more structured approach to the knowledge and training needs of the farming community is a sin-quo-non for the overall growth and development of the country. Keeping that in mind, we at Aakash Agri Solutions have already commenced our journey in creating institutional mechanisms, infrastructure logistics requirements based on the learning experiences acquired from the countries like, Israel and The Netherlands.

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Main Objective

The objective of Karashik Vikas Pariyojana of Aakash Agri Solutions Project is

  • Aakash Seedling Nursery and Market Facility center, is to provide solutions for Agricultural problems.
  • providing right training to the Indian Framers to enable them to increase their production.
  • Strongly coordinating organization of Expertise Centers for the development of businesses and individual professionals.
  • Knowledge, skills and entrepreneurship are gathered here and shared according to a unique didactic concept: learning by doing.
  • Focus of the project is to bring best agriculture technologies practices which is available in an around the world, closer to the farming community.
  • Main propose is this centre of excellence will have institutional tie up with best agriculture institutes in the world for access advance technologies for agricultural growth.

Project Component

Knowledge center

Knowledge center is increase the disseminating of information on organic agriculture.


Nursery is to grow plants in an open environment, maintain a good quality of plants and protect the plants from pests and diseases.

Post-Harvest Infrastructure

Horticulture assistance is provided for development of post harvest management infrastructure to farmers to improve marketability of their produce.

Animal Husbandry

IT Provides the breeding, farming and care of farm animals such as cattle, dogs, sheep and horses by humans for advantages

Shade House, Poly House

It is cover overall green area in which required less intensity, heat and humidity is optimally maintained for plants.

Agro Training

To train & develop skills for efficient operations of Agriculture & Farm Businesses

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Our Directors

We are working on different projects related with Eco, and we are providing all kinds of Eco-Friendly and Environmental Services.

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Akashchandra Motising Gourthakur


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